We work for the social, economic, ecological and educational development of the poor and marginalized families in the Udupi District.

About Us


Sampada works towards the upliftment and development of the society and its people in the District of Udupi, Karnataka.

The Diocese of Udupi was erected on 16th July 2012. Soon after the erection of the Diocese a Socio- Economic survey of the Household of the Diocese of Udupi was conducted under the leadership of Bishop to study the demographic socio-economic condition of the families in the Diocese. During the Diocesan survey, it was found that a good number of families are economically poor and struggling to meet both ends. Women in the age group of 21 to 75 have not been in any organization. As the women play an important role in the family, it was thought of uniting the women, through them to have happy, healthy and value- based families. Most marginalized women, children and youth to be facilitated and trained to live with dignity, claim legitimate rights, and entitlements. In order to implement this mission SAMPADA was started with a tiny seed of compassion and determination to do something for the welfare of the downtrodden. On 7th June 2014, SAMPADA UDUPI was registered as a Trust.

Our focus areas

An integrated approach to build a equitable and empowered society

Mission & Vision


“A society with justice, peace and ecological harmony.”


“Facilitating the most marginalized and vulnerable 10,000 families, to live with human dignity and enjoy rights and entitlements, through a process of inclusion, organization, empowerment, networking, advocacy and restoration of ecological order by 2025.”

Our Programs

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'Help the needy during Covid' Project'

The Corona virus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown have affected the people in many ways. However, it has affected the poor and the marginalized sections of the society the most and resulted in an economic crisis, by loss of livelihood of economically underprivileged families. During this crisis, we have provided help to these vulnerable groups by providing food and other essential items, including masks and sanitizers. We distributed dry ration kits to 484 families and provided medicinal help to 32 sick persons during the pandemic period in collaboration with CARITAS INDIA, Sneha Charitable Trust, Mangalore and Buddhist TZU CHI foundation. SAMPADA UDUPI staff, volunteers and SHG members, worked at the grass root level to identify and help the needy in the remote villages during the lockdown period. They helped 285 families with family ration kits, medical assistance and took care of migrant laborer's. We are grateful to all our volunteers who reached the corners of the district.

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Empowerment of Women in the District of Udupi

As a partner of KROSS Bangalore, SAMPADA UDUPI started Self-Help Groups in Udupi District to achieve Women empowerment. We started with 226 SHGs in 2014 with 3236 members. Now we have grown to 450 Self Help Groups with 6767 members, 50 local grass root level federations, 5 Taluka Vokkuta’s & one District Federation in the Udupi District. 6414 women have been benefitted by government schemes of Minority, Agriculture and Horticulture depts. Through the guidance, support and awareness given by our Animators, women in the SHGs are able to start income generation businesses of their own like tailoring, canteen, grocery shops, tender coconut sales, dairy farming, piggery, poultry, honey bee rearing and others. 1567 women participated in 35 training programs on Human Rights. 2382 took part in 49 training sessions on women rights conducted during 2018-19. As a result of our ‘Leadership Training’ 98 women contested in Grama Panchayath elections and 43 were elected as Grama Panchayath members.

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SPARSHA - Instilling Hope/ Cancer Program

Our goal is to create “A society that mitigates the threat of deadly disease of cancer through awareness, early detection, treatment and prevention by adopting healthy lifestyle” in Udupi District. Through the funding of CARITAS INDIA, “SPARSHA” cancer detection program was implemented in the year 2020. Under this program we conducted 3 Cancer detection camps and identified 32 patients with initial signs of cancer and helped them to get primary treatment in Cancer Hospitals. 7 patients were helped financially for the treatment (through donors). We have got 56 volunteers for this program. In total 2,800 people took benefit of various cancer awareness camps conducted by SAMPADA UDUPI. and got awareness on how cancer occurs and how to detect it in early stages (mainly women regarding breast cancer). To help the cancer patients, we conducted “Hair Donation Camp” on 6th March 2020. 27 volunteers donated hair, among them 7 were school children. 250 women attended the program,

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Integrated Child Development Program

SAMPADA UDUPI has been supporting poor and marginalized children by providing free financial support of 20% of educational expenses, including school fees, uniform, shoes, books and stationery till they complete their education. Financial support is provided even for higher studies. We include physically and mentally challenged children also in this program. Since 2015, total, 40 students have completed education out of which 6 are physically challenged. Presently 355 students are getting financial support from us. One physically challenged (only one leg) student represented National Level Karate competition for the normal children in the year 2019-20. One mentally challenged girl represented India in Para Olympic Games and won Gold Medal continuously for 3 years. We provide interest free loan to students for higher education, repayable in instalments after 18 months of completion of education. 403 students availed Rs.1,53, 57,500/- loan from EduCare Fund, KCWA & MCCQ since 2015.

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Save the Mother Earth (Ecology) Program

Through Women Self Help Groups we advocate rain water harvesting, and afforestation to create Green Ecology. We have dug 9244 pits for rain water harvesting since 2015. To reduce soil erosion near river banks we supported growing mangrove trees. To increase the ground water level, we built 25 check dams to rivulets. 61 tube wells and 1583 open wells have been recharged. 402 training sessions were conducted on Ecology. Published 20 articles on ‘Save Earth” since 2015 for use of natural resources by reducing plastic and by planting saplings. Since 2017 total 16,297 saplings are planted to create Green Ecology. 6916 vegetable gardens, 6549 fruit garden and 6489 medicinal gardens are grown through Organic Farming since 2015. In 2019 through ‘Suraksha’ program 150 families were introduced to eco-friendly stoves. Awareness was given on health & sanitation to 2,798 women at 50 centers. 50 youngsters were trained to become ‘Environment Preserving Ambassadors.

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Social Development

SAMPADA UDUPI being a charitable institution, have been extending our helping hand to the economically poor and needy through Medical Fund, Charity Fund and Housing Fund. Since 2015 we have distributed Rs. 25,04,000/- to 188 patients from the Medical Fund and Rs.14,94,000/- to 143 families from the Charity Fund to economically poor and needy. Financial help amounting to Rs.10,30,000/- was given to 80 families for the repair of their houses, and Rs. 20,86,030/- to 86 families for the construction of new houses since 2017 through the Housing Fund. We actively support the needy and affected people during natural calamities. We have collected and distributed cash and kind to help the affected people during floods in the Kerala state and the Kodagu District. During the Covid 19, first wave and 2nd wave, our Animators, Coordinators and Volunteers have been continuously helping the families by creating awareness about social distancing, sanitization and vaccination.

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Our Activities

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“ENCIENDE LA LLAMA 2021” (LIGHT UP THE FLAME) took place on Saturday, 2021 November 13th from 8 p.m. (GMT+1). Our women who were earlier the beneficiaries of MANOS UNIDAS’s ‘Empowerment of women in Udupi District’, participated whole heartedly in this event. Some women lighted lamps with their family members, others with their friends and participated in this activity with their partners around world, as a shining trace of solidarity, where the light of each lighted candle will become a personal commitment in the fight against poverty.

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Constitution Day celebration and local Federation office-bearers meet


On Friday, 26th November 2021 ‘Constitution Day Celebration’ and local federation members meeting and ‘Planning 2022 Annual Program’ was at Conference Hall Bishops House Udupi. Representatives of local federations, 05 Taluk Federation and one District federation were gathered. Sampada Udupi Executive Director conducted the oath to follow and abide by our constitution. Managing Trustee Rt. rev Dr Gerald Isaac Lobo, Bishop of Udupi was present. The women then chocked down plan for the year 2022 for local federations, 05 taluk federation and one district federation. District federation president Mrs Prameela D’Sa presided over the session.


SPARSHA Instilling hope: Cancer Project Hair Donation


Dhyan Rohish, s/o Rohish Kumar a resident of Brahmgiri , Udupi and 7th standard student of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Udupi. During COVID time, while his schooling was online and Dhyan had to stay at home. While he was growing in age, and intelligence his hair too grow with same enthusiasm. Now while going back to normal schooling, Dhyan left behind his 14 inch long hair, and gave it to the cause of cancer on 08th November 2021. SAMPADA UDUPI through its ‘Sparsha - Instilling Hope’ program take care of the cancer patients, received this token of love from Dhyan in the name of cancer patients. God bless you Dhyan for your generosity and congratulations to his proud dad Mr Rohish Kumar.


SPARSHA Instilling hope: Cancer Project Hair Donation


Mr Suveera Rao from Doddanagudde, Udupi. An energetic young man, too care of his hair for two year as a precious belonging. But when he decided to part with his precious hair, he didn’t want to waste it. He approached SAMPADA UDUPI and donated it for the cause of cancer. Under SAPARSH- Instilling hope program, SAMPADA received it with grateful heart and appreciated his donation with a certificate. This is the first instance where a YOUNG MAN donating his hair for the cause of cancer. If you want to donate your hair for the cause of cancer, contact SAMPADA UDUPI.

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Raita Bazar - ‘Raita Bazar’: Agriculture & Organic farming. New CBOs


The main aim of the 'Raita Bazar' project is’ by 2025, 1200 small and medium farmers, through organic farming and by cooperative activities increase their family income by 50%.’ First step in this project is convince these farmers to be united in neighbourhood CBOs or Community based organizations. Till now throughout the district we have formed 24 such groups with a membership of around 300 farmers and people who work in agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry. Recently, last fortnight we had training session s in Kanajar and Belman areas of Karkala taluka, and the outcome is


‘Girl Child Day 2021-Education for Every Girl Child’


Our New Project - ‘Girl Child Day 2021-Education for Every Girl Child’. Our First Beneficiary. Riyan Divya Lewis, from the Milagress Parish, Kallianpura is studying BSC Nursing at Fr. Müllers’ Nursing College, Mangalore. Her father works as a watchman in a private firm and mother is a housewife. She has a sister who is presently studying in the 10th Std. Riyan Divya Lewis got interest free loan from a NGO. Her ambition is to complete her BSc nursing course and try to go abroad, get a good job and help her sister and parents. As she has to take loan in every year for four years until she completes her course, the amount she received from the NGO would ease her burden of loan. She is grateful to SAMPADA UDUPI for selecting as the beneficiary for this program

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Women Empowerment Program


1. The present women association has to be capacitated to raise the issues of women. 2. Women have to tap Government resources. 3. Lack of strong leadership among women. 4.Do not have control over the resources and decisions making process in the family. 5. Increasing rate of suicide among women and teenage girls. 6. Heavy dowry. 7. political empowerment is lacking. 8. not aware of women rights


Hair Donation Drive - extension of 'Sparsha" cancer program


As a part of the International Women’s Day celebration, SAMPDA UDUPI, organized 'Hair Donation Drive' for providing wigs to women who are cancer victims. Dr Sony D’Costa gave an awareness session on cancer to the 150 participants who gathered for this program. As many as 27 volunteers donated their hair among them 7 were school children

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Cancer awareness, detection and medical help.


289 people benefitted from 3 cancer detection camps conducted by ‘Sparsha’–cancer awareness, detection and helping program

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Honouring the contestant and winners in the grama panchayath elections


Women empowerment comprises of economic, social and political upliftment of the women in the society. Since 2018 training in leadership and political awareness was given By SAMPADA UDUPI to encourage women to participate in local governance. Women were made aware about the need to participate in the various activities in local governance from the grass root level such as grama Sabha and in ward meetings. Later they were encouraged to participate in the electoral politics in the village level. Those who got elected will be in Administrative positions. Those who did not get elected can still try to become members of various local village panchayath committees and make their contributions constructively. As a result of the training given by SAMPADA UDUPI around 100 women members from various Self Help Groups participated in the Grama Panchayath elections in 2020. To honour these participants who have showed interest in local governance and further encourage them and other women this ac

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Women Empowerment Program


To achieve Women empowerment, we started formation of women SHGs. We started with 226 SHGs in 2014 with 3236 members. At present we have 450 Self Help Groups, 50 local grass root level federations, 5 taluka Vokkuta’s & one District Federation in Udupi District. Total savings through SHG is Rs. 3,56,30,580 from 6767 members. 6414 women are benefitted by various government schemes of Minority Dept, Agriculture Dept and Horticulture dept. and have started Jasmine garden, Dairy farming, Honey bee rearing, cultivation of vegetables, fruits and medicainal plants, tailoring, catering, canteen and other business on their own. 98 women contested in Grama Panchayath elections, 43 won and became grama panchayath members.1567 women participated in 35 training programs on Human rights. 2382 took part in 49 trainings on women rights conducted during 2018 and 2019. Articles about Awareness of health and Local traditional medicine are published. Kitchen garden, fruit gardens and medicinal plant grow

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Through ‘Suraksha’ program 150 families introduced to eco-friendly stoves, created awareness on health & sanitization in 2,798 women at 50 centers, 50 youngsters trained to become ‘Environments Preserving Ambassadors’. 402 training camps conducted on ecology, and 20 articles on save earth are published since 2015. Total 16,297 saplings planted to create green ecology since 2017. 9244 pits dug for rain water harvesting, built 25 check dams to rivulets, 61 tube wells and 1583 open wells recharged to increase ground water level. 6916 vegetable gardens, 6549 fruit garden and 6489 medicinal gardens grown through savayava Krishi since 2015.

Our Impact

It is the small change that makes the biggest impact.


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